OYMI全球公益云音乐 Concert On the Cloud Series–Concert #1少年音乐家音乐会


OYMI Concert on the Cloud “One Voice, One Dream” international public welfare concert was co-founded by the Canadian OYMI International Music Festival in May 2020, to encourage people around the world to unite and battle against the global pandemic together.

   Faced with the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, Canadian youths feel deeply that they should cherish the earth’s resources and are more confident that the future will be better. It also inspired the courage and strength inside each and every one of us, and we hope music will connect us all together.

  This global public welfare concert was created by the Canadian OYMI International Music Festival, bringing together young people from different countries and backgrounds, as well as different ages, we will continuously present the Music Festival Concert on the Cloud Series every week. This is dedicated to the medical staff who are fighting on the front line, the service staff who stick to their positions, and volunteers from all over the world.

  This global public welfare concert invited music masters, musicians, music pedagogues, artists from around the world and news media companies to complete the production, editing and recording work, to present the perfect performance of young talents. It is encouraged and supported by governments of all levels, calling the society to give young people the opportunity to participate in the public welfare concerts, caring for the growth of young people and leading the development of young people. We welcome more young people to join us, express their gratitude towards the society, and dedicate their sincerity to the society.

OYMI Concert On the Cloud“共同的心声,共同的梦想”国际公益音乐会为了鼓舞全球抗疫的勇气和团结,由加拿大OYMI 国际青少年音乐节联合多家音乐机构在2020年5月共同發起。


  由加拿大OYMI 国际青少年音乐节制作了这场全球公益音乐会,汇集了来自不同国家及地区,不同年龄的青幼少年,将连续每周推出全球云的音乐盛典。以此献给奋战在一线的医护人员,坚守自己岗位的服务职员,和各界志愿者们。



OYMI Concert On the Cloud

“共同的心声,共同的梦想“ —全球公益音乐会



Music Genre: All genre welcome!

 (Both Chinese and Western music, vocal and any musical instrument)

* Each person is limited to ONE entry, the duration of music should be less than 10 minutes, and dress code is FORMAL *

*Free Registration Worldwide*


Email: info@oymimusicfestival.com

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Facebook:OYMI Music Festival


Our next concert will air on May 24th

see you then!


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