(By George Lin) Oh, Ke, Okey Dokey!

O Canada, the Canada Anthem, proudly was sung by a large group of more than 600 people, the constituents’ families – including seniors and small children.

On the evening of March 3, 2018, at the Oriole Community Centre, the Lantern Festival celebrations attracted hundreds of residents in Don Valley North Riding. (The Lantern Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar.)

Senator Victor Oh and Mr. Vincent Ke, the Ontario PC MPP Candidate for Don Valley North Riding, greeted the audience of the supporters with their best festival wishes and the two received a hearty round of applause and good cheer.

Senator Oh praised Mr. Ke for his dedication to the Don Valley North residents. He said, “Mr. Ke is the right person to represent the community in the MPP.”

Mr. Ke then expressed his heartfelt thankfulness to Victor Oh, to his constituents, to his supporters and also to all of his campaign team volunteers for making the evening such a success.

Mr. Vincent Ke promised to work for the community and to listen to the voices of the people. He said,”I will do my best in the final sprint to the election for MPP in Don Valley North. But I need your support!”

Several supporters applauded and shouted, “Oh! Ke! Okey Dokey!” ,“Key to the Victory!” ,“Victor & Vincent! Double V! V V  Win!”

Haha…apparently, both Oh and Ke were warmly welcomed by many of their constituents that evening.

The parents with kids and some of them with their senior families all enjoyed the get-together with delicious food and tea.

Laughter was heard everywhere and smiles of amusement were on every face.

Many traditional activities were fully prepared for this event, like riddles and puzzles, writing Spring Festival Couplets, hopscotch, ball shooting, ball-dribbling-relay, three-legged race, and balloon-stomping.

Jack Chen has been living in Toronto for nearly 20 years. He said to the emcee, “I love this beautiful country. And I appreciate the help of my friends, my neighbours and the government of three levels. And I also would like to thank the organizers for such a successful rally tonight.”

Jessica Wong, a ten-year-old girl with a pony tail hair, even asked one of the event volunteers if she could come again for the next year’s Lantern Festival celebrations.

At the end of the rally, came again the chants of “Oh! Ke! Key to the Victory!”, “Victor & Vincent! Double V! V V  Win!”

“With your help I hope to see everyone from Don Valley North Riding at our Victory Celebration!” replied Mr Vincent Ke.

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