Emigrant China and Immigrant Canada


Xiaoming Guo 郭晓明

According to the law of diffusion: people migrate from areas of a high population density to areas of low population density. Not only Chinese, Europeans, and Indians also migrate to North America too. If India is so democratic and free, why they migrate to Canada more than the Chinese do?

China has one-fifth of the world’s population, yet it has only 7% of the world’s cultivatable lands. The market economy will facilitate the flows of elements of production. Resources such as land in not movable. Economy production is a combination of labor, capital, and resource. Canada has a territory larger than that of China, yet a population less than 0.5% of the world. The market force is strong in allocating resources to maximize growth. It is an economic phenomenon that Canada is a net immigration country and China just as many other Asian countries is a net emigration country. Many Chinese emigrate to developed countries thanks to China for its adaptation of market economy and becoming an open and free country so that people can migrate to find their living and jobs worldwide.

However, Canada is not so free. It restricts Chinese immigrate to Canada by quota. It allocates a quota of immigrants from China about the same level as from the Philippines and the UK. If Canada is a truly free country and lets the free market work, it should let the market allocate the world labor and should accept immigrants approximately mapping the world demography and the diffusion law. Canada has a legacy of the Chinese Exclusion Act to restrict the Chinese from freedom of migration. If Canada does let the market allocate the labor, it should have about 20% of its immigrants come from China.

If Canada really thinks the Chinese are oppressed in China, it should not deport illegal Chinese immigrants but grant them refugee status. Canada does accept many irregular immigrants for humanitarian reasons, yet no of them are from China where the Canadian government considered has human rights violations. By deporting illegal Chinese immigrants, Canada actually knows, with its intelligence network of Five Eyes, that the Chinese human rights condition is good that deporting illegal Chinese immigrants does not violate human rights conditions.

Chinese have more freedom in China because it is the developed countries that put restrictions blocking Chinese people from freedom of migration. The western soft Berlin Wall is the government interference to the market to alter the labor distribution with systematic racism.